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Our Safety Policy

Posted By: Kool Bouncers | Posted Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our Safety Policy

After the recent tragic events in Harlow, Essex we felt we should explain our safety policy regarding our Bouncy Castle Hire in Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire.

Every year we understandably undertake hundreds of bookings and the customer only sees us arrive and set up the bouncy castle and return to pack it away again, thinking that is all there is to our business.
What the customer does not see is the work that goes on behind the scenes and the safety aspect which is always at the forefront of our minds. More often than not, it is children that will be using our equipment and do not possess the experience to determine whether the fun items are actually safe or not. More often than not the adults do not even realise whether the Bouncy Castles are safe or not, and why would they? Bouncy castles are all the same, right? DEFINITELY NOT is the answer.

Before our inflatables are delivered they are safety checked before and after EVERY hire, this is for Bedford Bouncy Castle Hire and Cambridge bouncy castle hire. There are many points for our fully trained staff to check for and not just making sure they are cleaned using bacterial solution to ensure no germs are present for your event. As we are full time hirers in this industry, it does give us an advantage over the part time hirers to have the time available to undertake this important part of each hire.
All of our cambourne bouncy castles meet or exceed the British Standard EN14960/2013 which will give you, the customer, confidence that the bouncy castles we hire in Cambridge and Bedford are commercial inflatables and not ‘toys’ that some part time hirers have resorted in doing. Hiring ‘toy’ bouncy castles is in fact illegal and are in no context as safe as commercial bouncy castles.

Something else we would like to state is that over the years, we have had to cancel bookings on the grounds of safety. We do not do this lightly, but if the weather conditions are not ‘safe’ as in the eyes of the health and safety directorate, we simply will not allow the booking to continue.
We fully understand that it has been booked for a celebration and that a cancellation would have an impact on that BUT we will not put personal feelings above the safety of customers using our equipment. Other grounds are bookings where the customer wants to have the bedford bouncy castle hire on concrete or another hard standing of some description. Every inflatable needs to be secured to the ground to stop it blowing away. Think of it like a balloon, it is also full of air and we will never take those kind of chances.

Above: One of our Adult Bouncy Castles


Over the years whilst out on our travels we have encountered many hires that we have felt uncomfortable with, from pubs to supermarkets to market squares and we have always spoken to the person in charge to point out our concerns. To our dismay, literally EVERY person we have spoken to has had the same attitude where they want their event to continue and ‘take the chance’ that nothing detrimental will happen. Fortunately it hasn’t but we would never take that chance with your safety and we feel strongly about anyone that does.

I hope this short article goes someway towards explaining our feelings regarding the safety of bouncy castle hires throughout Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire that we undertake and if there is any advice you require or concerns you may have, please feel welcome to call us on 01480 390752 where we will be pleased to advise you accordingly.

Our Safety Policy